Park Rules


These are supplementary to and are to be read in conjunction with our PITCH LICENCE AGREEMENT


The Park is open for holiday home occupation between 1st March and 7th January. Visits to check holiday homes are permitted out of season but overnight stays are not allowed.

The holiday home may not be used as your sole or main residence.

The pitch fee is payable as a deposit on 1st November the previous year. Then two equal instalments, 1st February and 1st June.


The Park Office must be supplied with a key for each holiday home


The Park address should not be used for deliveries of post without prior consent.


Notices for sale must not be displayed inside/outside or in the vicinity of the holiday home.


The park has one entrance and exit which is covered by CCTV. Please only use this to access/leave the park. Do not climb any boundary walls or fences.


Subletting is permitted under a separate agreement with the park office.


All your visitors must obtain our permission before entering the Park. The park is private property, and we reserve the right to refuse anyone other than you, and those lawfully staying with you, permission to enter the Park. Visitors must leave by 11pm.


We do not permit traders or salesmen access to the park except with our prior consent. No holiday home shall be used for sleeping any number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed. The external colour of the holiday home must not be altered from the manufacturer’s colours.


The Park maintains the communal grounds on the park. No holiday homeowner, outside contractor or any other persons shall be allowed to repair, service or tamper in any way with the services to the holiday home.


If you wish to add any external structures to your holiday home, such as a storage unit, satellite dish, aerial or balcony you must obtain the Park’s written consent prior to their installation and meet the specification required.


Do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies’ nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease, or paint.


Tents or motor homes are not permitted as extra sleeping areas on the park.


The Leisure Club facility is for the use of residents and members only. Annual membership cards will be issued and must be shown. Please read the rules and emergency procedures on entering the building. Refusal to abide by them will result in refused entry or being asked to leave.


Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times on the park and you must clean up if the animal defecates on the Park. Please use the dog walk area to exercise dogs off their lead. Dogs must not be left unattended in the holiday home to cause a nuisance to other people.


Washing lines may be of the rotary type or the windowsill type only and must be removed and stored inconspicuously as soon as their use has ceased. Rotary washing lines may only be sited in a position approved by us because of the risk to health and safety and damage to mowing equipment.


Speed should be kept below 5mph and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority. Motor homes, vans or commercial vehicles are only permitted by prior arrangement.

Vehicles and all accessories (boats, jet skis) used on the Park must be taxed and insured for use on a public road. You are not permitted to give driving lessons and only holders of a full licence may drive on the Park.

Please park responsibly, allowing room for your neighbours and access to the fire points. Fire hoses must not be used for washing cars or boats.

Please ensure vehicles are not parked outside Pitch perimeter. Additional parking is available near the main entrance or workshop


The overnight parking and storage of boats or jet skis on the park is not permitted


No hard ball games may be played in the vicinity of caravan holiday homes and shall be permitted only in the areas set aside for recreation.

Drones or kites must not be flown on the Park.

No quad bike or trials bike may be used on the Park.

Children must be always supervised.

Noise to be kept to a minimum between 10.30pm and 8.00am. Radio’s, TV’s and musical instruments should be used considerately and only inside your holiday home. Please ensure that you supervise pets when they are let out onto deckings to eliminate any noise disturbances to other guests on the Park.

Alcoholic drinks may be consumed only in and around the immediate vicinity of your holiday home.

Warning and safety notices situated around the park must be obeyed.


All holiday homes are supplied with regulation fire fighting equipment from new. We recommend you keep these serviced.

No open fires or fireworks shall be permitted on the Park.

Barbecues must be supervised at all times and must not be allowed to smoke excessively, causing annoyance to others. Barbecues must finish by 11pm and not be disposed of in the refuse bins whilst still hot.

It is expressly forbidden for anyone to interfere with fire points and appliances that are for use in an emergency only.

In the unlikely event that you hear the sound of the emergency bell, please make your way as quickly as possible to the fire assembly point located outside the reception at the main entrance.


Please use the refuse bins located in H field and at the back of the leisure club. Please separate your recycling from general waste. Do not dispose of garden waste – please contact reception who will arrange for it to be collected.


“We have been coming to Sarnfaen twice a year for the last twenty years as it is very peaceful and relaxing and as the location of the beach is only 5 minutes walk away.”

Jack Renehan

“The site is always kept to a high standard of cleanliness and the hospitality given by Debbie and her team is exceptional.”

Mr and Mrs Step

“The very modern holiday homes are very well equipped with the added bonus of WI-FI in all areas.”

David Timbrell

“This year we have just stayed in one of the Lodges which are new this year and are sheer luxury.”

Mrs Wallocott

“Also this year the added bonus of the new Leisure Centre, where the facilities include swimming pool, sauna and gym also a lovely cafe area to enjoy your afternoon tea.”


“Beautifully kept site. Lovely caravans and superb lodges. We have holidayed at Sarnfaen now for 45 years and it only gets better and better. We hope to come for many more years.”

July and Wal Fox

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